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Street Bulldogs

Street Bulldogs

Street Bulldogs tem o estilo Hardcore e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Adolf", "Don't You Remember?", "Call Me At Home".

360 acessos

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  1. Adolf
  2. All The Things You Say
  3. Call Me At Home
  4. Don't You Remember?
  5. Every Night
  6. Just Uderstand
  7. Karma Chameleon
  8. No Words
  9. Only The Rage Survives
  10. Padrão
  11. Play this song again
  12. Rainy Day
  13. Reaction
  14. Red Roses Bouquet
  15. Relief
  16. Remains clear
  17. Sweet Threat
  18. Tarde demais
  19. We Build Our Own Way
  20. Your Might Be Wrong

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