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Ten Years After

Ten Years After tem o estilo Blues e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl", "Im Going Home Intro", "50000 Miles Beneath My Brain".

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  1. 50000 Miles Beneath My Brain
  2. As The Sun Still Burns Away
  3. Baby Wont You Let Me Rock N Roll You
  4. Choo Choo Mama
  5. Good Mornig Little Schoolgirl Intro
  6. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
  7. Hard Monkeys
  8. Here They Come
  9. I Cant Keep From Cryin Sometimes
  10. I Never Saw It Coming
  11. I Woke Up This Morning
  12. I'd Love to change the world
  13. I'd Love to change the world
  14. Id Love To Change The World Acoustic
  15. Id Love To Change The World Solo
  16. If You Should Love Me
  17. Im Coming On
  18. Im Coming On Intro
  19. Im Going Home
  20. Im Going Home Intro
  21. Ive Been Ther Too
  22. Ive Been There Too
  23. Let The Sky Fall
  24. Love Like A Man
  25. Me And My Baby
  26. Once There Was a Time
  27. Outside My Window
  28. Over the Hill
  29. Portable People
  30. Positive Vibrations
  31. Religion
  32. Rock Your Mama
  33. Skoobly-Oobly-Doobob
  34. Stoned Woman
  35. Sweet Little Sixteen
  36. Think About The Times
  37. Two Time Mama
  38. Wasteland
  39. Year 3000 Blues
  40. You Give Me Loving