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The Almost

The Almost tem o estilo Alternativo e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Little Drummer Boy", "Your Love Is Extravagant", "Souls On Ten".

127 acessos

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  1. Amazing Because It Is
  2. Awful Direction
  3. Books Books
  4. Call Back When Im Honest
  5. Call Me Back When Im Honest
  6. Dirty And Left Out
  7. Drive There Now
  8. Everthing Makes Me Sick
  9. Everything That Makes Me Sick
  10. Free Fallin
  11. Hand Grenade
  12. I Mostly Copy Other People
  13. I Wont Let Go
  14. July
  15. Little Drummer Boy
  16. Millions
  17. Monster
  18. No I Dont
  19. Say This Sooner
  20. Say This Sooner No One Will Ever See Things The Way I Do
  21. Souls On Ten
  22. Southern Weather
  23. Summer Summer
  24. Why Do You Bother Me
  25. Your Love Is Extravagant