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The Beautiful Girls

The Beautiful Girls tem o estilo Folk e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "On a Clear Day", "Morning Sun", "All I Need".

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  1. A Million Miles
  2. All I Need
  3. And We'll Dance On The Ashes Of What's Left
  4. And We'll Dance On The Ashes Of What's Left
  5. Ashes
  6. At The First Sign Of Trouble
  7. B Some Melody
  8. Big Mama's Door
  9. Big Mama's Door
  10. BlackBird
  11. Cash Money
  12. Dealer Wins
  13. Dela
  14. Everything Does
  15. Freedom Part 2
  16. Girl Lately So Many Things Have Been Changing
  17. High Rolling
  18. I Need To Give This Broken Heart Away
  19. In Love
  20. La Mar
  21. La Mar The Ocean
  22. Learn Yourself
  23. Less
  24. Let's Take The Long Way Home
  25. Let's Take The Long Way Home
  26. Morning Sun
  27. Music
  28. My Mind Is An Echo Chamber
  29. No Wrong No Right
  30. On a Clear Day
  31. Periscopes
  32. Shot Down
  33. Sir, Your Fashion Has The Cold Heart Of a Killer
  34. So It Seems
  35. Spanish Town
  36. Summertime
  37. Thought About You
  38. Water
  39. Water Intro
  40. Weight Of The World
  41. When I Had You With Me