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The Hollies

Feet On The Ground

The Hollies

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A              G
If we speak of lovin'
F#m                  G
Will it come from our hearts
A                        G
Do we want this night of love to last forever
F#m             E
Or do we just part

Listen to yourself
Are you sure that's what you wanna say
We know that things sound different
In the cold light of day

Don't get dizzy and lose our heads
On the merry go round
I don't wanna be taken for a ride
          A                   G    F#m   G
Keep both feet on the ground

A                     G
When we wake up in the morning
F#m                 G
Will there be anyone there
A                         G
Whoever is the first one to rise
F#m                  E
Will be the one who cares

So, let's close our eyes and go to sleep
With a thought for the day
Waiting for tomorrow
Just to see if there's truth in what they say

Let's say goodnight
You know goodbye is a hard word to say
Hold me close

We've reached the end
         A              G
So let's drift on away
                   F#m     G
With a thought for today

A   G   A   G   F#m  E

F#m                E
I'm hopin', you're wishin'
A     E         F#m    E
I'll stay by your side
F#m              E
I'm wishin', you're hopin'
F#m                 E
That a flame doesn't die

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