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The Hollies

I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top

The Hollies

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[Intro] F  G  A  F  G  A                                       C                       F And every time I get to thinking Dm         G                       C With every thought of you, I wanna shout aloud F          G               G7            C And then I think about the love I had inside me F           G                     A And how you brought what's inside out    F              C              F So, now love's made it to the outside Dm                  G              C I wanna to tell the world of everything I've found F             G              G7                C Somehow your love released a spring wound up inside me F                G             A You've turned my living upside-down        D              E               A And I can't tell the bottom from the top      D              E             A Am I standing on my head or on my heels?       D             G             E              A Is it cloudy, is it bright? Is it day, or is it night?      F#m            Bm                C Am I wrong, or am I right? And is it real?  C                       F Tell me where you learned the magic Dm         G                       C The spell you used the day you made me fall F          G               G7            C Baby, now I know that love is no illusion F           G                     A I'm upside-down but ten feet tall  G                    D On and on, I drifted with the tide F        C                     G I didn't know that love could move me so                                     D You fill my life with love and much more besides F       C                      A  A7 And you showed me which way to go

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