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The Pink Spiders

The Pink Spiders tem o estilo Indie e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Hollywood Fix Intro", "Back To The Middle", "Easy Way Out".

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  1. Adalae
  2. Adalae Solo
  3. Adios Prizefighter
  4. Back To The Middle
  5. Chicago Overcoat
  6. Dont Wait For Me
  7. Easier Than Ever
  8. Easy Way Out
  9. Hey Jane
  10. Hollywood Fix
  11. Hollywood Fix Intro
  12. Hollywood Fix Solo
  13. Little Razorblade
  14. Little Razorblade Intro
  15. Little Razorblade New Version
  16. Modern Swinger
  17. Modern Swingers
  18. Soft Smoke
  19. Talk Hard