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The Waterboys

The Waterboys tem o estilo Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Whole Of The Moon Intro", "This Is The Sea", "Rags Solo".

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  1. A Girl Called Johnny
  2. A Home In The Meadow
  3. A Life Of Sundays
  4. A Man Is In Love
  5. A Song For The Life
  6. All The Things She Gave Me
  7. And a Band On The Ear
  8. Bigger Picture
  9. Blues For Your Baby
  10. Cathy
  11. Dont Bang The Drum
  12. Down By The Sally Gardens
  13. Everybody Takes A Tumble
  14. Fisherman's Blues
  15. Fisherman's Blues
  16. Fishermans Blues - Mandolin Tab
  17. How Long Will I Love You
  18. I Can See Elvis
  19. In My Time On Earth
  20. In Search Of A Rose
  21. Is She Conscious
  22. Kinkys History Lesson
  23. Ladbroke Grove Symphony
  24. Lonesome Old Wind
  25. Long Strange Golden Road
  26. Medicine Bow
  27. November Tale
  28. Peace Of Iona
  29. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  30. Rags Solo
  31. Right Side Of Heartbreak Wrong Side Of Love
  32. September 1913
  33. Something Fantastic
  34. Song From The End Of The World
  35. Spirit
  36. Spring Comes To Spiddal
  37. Strange Boat
  38. The Crash Of Angels Wings
  39. The Girl In The Swing
  40. The Pan Within
  41. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  42. The Stolen Child
  43. The Thrill Is Gone
  44. The Whole Of The Moon
  45. This Is The Sea
  46. Too Close To Heaven
  47. Trumpets
  48. What Do You Want Me To Do
  49. Whole Of The Moon
  50. Whole Of The Moon Intro
  51. You In The Sky