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The White Buffalo

The White Buffalo

The White Buffalo tem o estilo Indefinido e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Come Join The Murder", "Wish It Was True", "Damned".

2.508 acessos

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  1. Ballad Of a Deadman
  2. Bar And The Beer
  3. Bb Guns And Dirt Bikes
  4. Black And Blue
  5. Come Join The Murder
  6. Damned
  7. Don't You Want It
  8. Highway Man
  9. House Of Pain
  10. House Of Rising Sun
  11. How The West Was Won
  12. I Am The Light
  13. I Got You
  14. Into The Sun
  15. Joe And Jolene
  16. Joey White
  17. Last Call To Heaven
  18. Love Song #1
  19. Love Song #2
  20. Modern Times
  21. Oh Darlin What Have I Done
  22. One Lone Night
  23. Sleepy Little Town
  24. The Bowery
  25. The House Of Rising Sun
  26. The House of the Rising Sun (original)
  27. The Matador
  28. The Pilot
  29. The Whistler
  30. The Woods
  31. When I'm Gone
  32. Wish It Was True

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