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Thursday tem o estilo Emocore e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Ian Curtis", "Love Song Writer Intro", "Marches And Maneuvers Intro".

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  1. A Hole In The World
  2. A Sketch For Times Arrow
  3. A0001
  4. Arc Lamps Signal Flares A Shower Of White The Light
  5. Asleep In The Chapel
  6. Asleep In The Chapel Intro
  7. At This Velocity
  8. Autobiography Of a Nation
  9. Autumn Leaves Revisited
  10. Between Rupture And Rapture
  11. Between Rupture And Rapture Intro
  12. Concealer
  13. Counting 5-4-3-2-1
  14. Counting 5-4-3-2-1 Intro
  15. Cross Out The Eyes
  16. Division St
  17. Dotted Line
  18. Dying In New Brunswick
  19. Dying In New Brunswick Intro
  20. Ever Fallen In Love
  21. For The Workforce Drowning
  22. How Long Is The Night
  23. I Am The Killer
  24. I Hope Youre Alone Intro
  25. I1100
  26. Ian Curtis
  27. In Transmission
  28. Jet Black New Year
  29. Love Song Writer Intro
  30. Lovesong Writer
  31. M Shepard
  32. Marches And Maneuvers
  33. Marches And Maneuvers Intro
  34. Mass As Shadows
  35. Mother Marry Intro
  36. Ny Batteri
  37. Other Side Of The Crash
  38. Paris In Flames
  39. Porcelain
  40. Running From The Rain
  41. Signals Over The Air
  42. Standing On The Edge Of Summer
  43. Standing On The Edge Of Summer Intro
  44. Steaks In The Sky
  45. Steps Ascending
  46. Steps Ascending Intro
  47. Streaks In The Sky
  48. This Side Of Brightness
  49. This Side Of Brightness Intro
  50. This Song Brought To You By a Falling Bomb
  51. This Song Is Brought To You By A Falling Bomb Acoustic
  52. Tomorrow Ill Be You
  53. Tomorrow Ill Be You Intro
  54. Understanding In a Car Crash
  55. Understanding In A Car Crash Live
  56. Unintented Long Term Effects
  57. War All The Time
  58. We Will Overcome Intro
  59. Where The Circle Ends Intro
  60. Wind Up