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Whitesnake tem o estilo Hard Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Forevermore", "Sailing Ships", "Fool for Your Loving".

4.670 acessos

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  1. Absolution Blues
  2. Ain't Gonna Cry No More
  3. Ain't no Love in the Heart of the City
  4. Aint No Love
  5. All I Want All I Need
  6. All Or Nothing
  7. Bad Boys
  8. Bloody Luxury
  9. Can't go on
  10. Children Of The Night
  11. Come An' Get It
  12. Come And Get It
  13. Crying in the Rain
  14. Dancing Girls
  15. Day Tripper
  16. Deeper The Love
  17. Don't Fade Away
  18. Don't Leave me This Way
  19. Dont Break My Heart Again
  20. Easy Does It
  21. Feeling Hot
  22. Fool for Your Loving
  23. Fool For Your Loving Intro
  24. Forevermore
  25. Give Me All Your Love
  26. Guilty of love
  27. Here i Go Again
  28. Here I Go Again Solo
  29. Is This Love
  30. Is This Love Intro
  31. Is This Love Solo
  32. Judgmente Day
  33. Lie Down I Think I love you
  34. Lonely Days Lonely Nights
  35. Looking For Love
  36. Love Ain't no Stranger
  37. Love Will Set You Free
  38. Now You're Gone
  39. Now Your Gone
  40. Over Now
  41. Sailing Ships
  42. Shake My Tree
  43. Slide it in
  44. Slip Of The Tongue
  45. Slow An' Easy
  46. So Many Tears
  47. Soldier of Fortune
  48. Spit It Out
  49. Still of the Night
  50. Still Of The Night Solo
  51. Straight for the Hearth
  52. Summer Rain
  53. Take a Look at Yourself
  54. Take me for a Little While
  55. Take Me With You
  56. The Deeper Love
  57. The Deeper The Love
  58. Time and Again
  59. Too Many Tears
  60. Victim Of Love
  61. Waiting on You
  62. Walking In The Shadows Of The Blues
  63. we wish you well
  64. Whisper a Prayer for the Dying
  65. Would I Lie To You
  66. Young Blood
  67. Youre Gonna Break My Heart Again

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