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Amy Grant

Amy Grant

Amy Grant tem o estilo Gospel/Religioso e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Carry You", "El Shaddai", "Simple Things".

437 acessos

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  1. Beautiful
  2. Better Than A Hallelujah
  3. Big Yellow Taxi
  4. Breath Of Heaven (Mary's Song)
  5. Breath Of Heaven (Mary's Song)
  6. Breathe Of Heaven
  7. Carry You
  8. Children Of The Word
  9. Children Of The World
  10. Cry A River
  11. El Shaddai
  12. Every Road
  13. Eye To Eye
  14. Find a Way
  15. Grown-up Christmas List
  16. Here
  17. House Of Love
  18. I Will Be Your Friend
  19. Imagine
  20. Lead Me On
  21. Like I Love You
  22. Missing You
  23. Out In The Open
  24. Seek First
  25. Shadows
  26. Simple Things
  27. Somewhere Down The Road
  28. Takes a Little Time
  29. That's What Love Is For
  30. That's What Love Is For
  31. The Lord Has a Will
  32. The Rivers Gonna Keep On Rolling
  33. Thy Word
  34. We Believe In God
  35. We're Marching To Zion
  36. We're Marching To Zion
  37. What Would Jesus do
  38. Where Do I Go?

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