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Atreyu tem o estilo Hard Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Theft", "Ex's And Oh's", "Living Each Day Like Your Already Dead".

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  1. A Letter To Someone Like You
  2. A Song For The Optemists
  3. A Song For The Optimist
  4. A Song For The Optimists
  5. A Vampire's Laments
  6. A Vampires Lament
  7. A Vampires Lament Solo
  8. Aint Love Grand
  9. Aint Love Grand Intro
  10. An
  11. An Interlude
  12. At Least I Know Im A Sinner
  13. Becoming The Bull
  14. Becoming The Bull Intro
  15. Bleeding Hearts Shed No Tears
  16. Bleeding Mascara
  17. Bleeding Mascara Intro
  18. Bleeding Mascara Solo
  19. Blow
  20. Corseting
  21. Creature
  22. Deanne The Arsonist
  23. Deanne The Arsonist Solo
  24. Demonology And Heartache
  25. Demonology And Heartache Intro
  26. Dilated
  27. Dinosaurs Became Extinct
  28. Doomsday
  29. Ex's And Oh's
  30. Ex's And Oh's
  31. Exs And Ohs Intro
  32. Exs And Ohs Solo
  33. Five Vicodin Chased With A Shot Of Clarity
  34. Her Portrait In Black
  35. Hometown Revenge
  36. Honor Intro
  37. Lead Sails And A Paper Anchor
  38. Lead Sails And Paper Anchors
  39. Lip Gloss And Black
  40. Lip Gloss And Black Intro
  41. Lip Gloss And Black Solo
  42. Living Each Day Like Your Already Dead
  43. Living Each Day Like Youre Already Dead
  44. Lonely
  45. Lose It
  46. Love Is Illness
  47. My Fork In The Road
  48. My Sanity On The Funeral Pyre
  49. Nevadas Grace
  50. Nevadas Grace Solo
  51. No One Cares
  52. Of Gods And Monsters
  53. Our Sick Story Thus Far Intro
  54. Right Side Of The Bed
  55. Shameful
  56. Someones Standing On My Chest
  57. The Crimson
  58. The Remembrance Ballad
  59. Theft
  60. This Flesh A Tomb
  61. This Flesh Is A Tomb
  62. Tulips Are Better
  63. Untitled Finale
  64. Wait For You
  65. We Stand Up
  66. When Two Are One
  67. When Two Are One (two Become One)
  68. Who Died
  69. You Eclipsed By Me
  70. You Give Love A Band Name
  71. Your Private War

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