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Bayside tem o estilo Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Landing Feet First", "Winter", "Masterpiece".

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  1. A Synonym For Acquiesce
  2. A Synonym For Acquisesce
  3. A Synonym For Aquiesce
  4. Alcohol And Alter Boys
  5. Blame It On Bad Luck
  6. Choice Hops And Bottled Self Esteem
  7. Choice Hops And Bottled Self Esteem Solo
  8. Dear Tragedy
  9. Dear Your Holiness
  10. Devotion And Desire
  11. Devotion And Desire Acoustic
  12. Devotion And Desire Solo
  13. Don't Call Me Peanut
  14. Don't Call Me Peanut
  15. Dont Call Me Peanut Intro
  16. Dont Call Me Peanut Solo
  17. Dont Call Me Peanutsolo Solo
  18. Duality
  19. Existing In A Crisis Evalyn
  20. Existing In A Crisis Evelyn
  21. Half A Life
  22. Head On A Plate
  23. Hello Shitty
  24. How To Fix Everything
  25. I And I
  26. It's Not a Bad Little War
  27. It's Not a Bad Little War
  28. Just Enough To Love
  29. Just Enough To Love Intro
  30. Landing Feet First
  31. Masterpiece
  32. Megan
  33. Megan Acoustic
  34. Megan Solo
  35. Montauk
  36. Montauk Acoustic
  37. Montauk Acoustic Intro
  38. Montauk Acoustic Solo
  39. Poisin In My Viens
  40. Poison In My Veins
  41. Popular Science Intro
  42. Talking Of Michelangelo
  43. The Walking Wounded
  44. They Look Like Strong Hands
  45. They Looked Like Strong Hands
  46. Theyre Not Horses Theyre Unicorns
  47. Tortures Of The Damned
  48. Walking Wounded Solo
  49. Well Be Ok
  50. Winter
  51. Winter Intro

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