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Black Velvet


Black Velvet

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Am                     Em
A voice so cold and so calm
Am           Em
As the night wind
Am                   Em        C    D
A piece emptiness of all that was done
Out of nowhere

Am          Em
His walk is shy, quiet and steady
Am            Em
Quiet and thoughtful
Am              Em
A man with his loneliness
C     D    Em
That must have ...

Am                        Em
A man so simple a soul as dark
Am                 Em
Takes a few steps toward the end of the street
Am                Em                     C        D
Acts of a person looking for someone, because it is

      G        D            Em
Her look so serious and so fixed
      C        D             Em
Look at the clock and watch time pass
     G      D     Em
And in a sudden moment
C     D        Em
Loneliness embraces

Solo : C D Em


    Em              D     Em
As soon as your emptiness consumes
    C         D                         Em
The wounded leaves but what matters to him
Em      D     Em
It is that he is
    C          D   Em
It Is That He is alone
    C          D   Em
It Is That He Is Alone (2x)

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