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Blackberry Smoke

Blackberry Smoke tem o estilo Indefinido e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "One Horse Town", "Prayer For The Little Man", "Pretty Little Lie".

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  1. Ain't Much Left of Me
  2. Ain't Much Left of Me
  3. Ain't The Same
  4. Aint Got The Blues
  5. Another Chance
  6. Best Seat In The House
  7. Everybody Knows Shes Mine
  8. Freedom Song
  9. Good One Comin' On
  10. Good One Comin' On
  11. I've Got This Song
  12. Lay It All On Me
  13. Lesson In A Bottle
  14. Let Me Down Easy
  15. Livin Hell
  16. Living In The Song
  17. Medicate My Mind
  18. Old Enough To Know
  19. Old Scarecrow
  20. Old Shoes (And Picture Postcards)
  21. One Horse Town
  22. Prayer For The Little Man
  23. Pretty Little Lie
  24. Restless
  25. Rock And Roll Again
  26. Run Away From it All
  27. Shakin Hands With The Holy Ghost
  28. Six Ways To Sunday
  29. Sleeping Dogs
  30. Southern Child
  31. Sunrise in Texas
  32. The Whippoorwill
  33. Till The Wheels Fall Off
  34. Too High
  35. Waiting For The Thunder
  36. You Got Lucky