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Blitzkid tem o estilo Punk Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Hellraiser", "Love Like Blood", "Slayera".

489 acessos

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  1. Creature Walks Among Us
  2. Dying Day
  3. Hellraiser
  4. Hills Have Eyes
  5. I´m a Zombie
  6. Invoke Of The Beast - Attack Of The Ghoulies
  7. Invoke The Beastattack Of The Ghoulies
  8. Let's Go To The Cemetery
  9. Let's Go To The Cemetery
  10. Love Like Blood
  11. Making A Monter
  12. Mary And The Storm
  13. My Dying Bride
  14. Nosferatu
  15. Pretty In A Casket
  16. Pumpkinpatch Murders
  17. Salems Ghost
  18. She Dominates
  19. Slaughter At The Sock Hop
  20. Slayera
  21. Starlite Decay
  22. Teenage Necrophilian Love
  23. Terror At The Haunted House
  24. The Howling
  25. Vanishing Riders

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