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Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes tem o estilo Folk e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Sunrise Sunset", "Biggest Lie", "True Blue".

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  1. A Celebration Upon Completion
  2. A Few Minutes On Friday
  3. A Line Allows Progress A Circle Does Not
  4. A Line Allows Progress A Circle Does Not Intro
  5. A Perfect Sonnet
  6. A Poetic Retelling Of An Unfortunate Seduction
  7. A Song To Pass The Time
  8. A Spindle A Darkness A Fever And A Necklace
  9. Amy In The White Coat
  10. Amy In The White Coat Intro
  11. An Attempt To Tip The Scales
  12. Another Travelin Song
  13. Another Travellin Song Intro
  14. Arc Of Time
  15. Arienette
  16. At The Bottom Of Everything
  17. At The Bottom Of Eveything
  18. Bad Blood
  19. Big Picture
  20. Biggest Lie
  21. Blue Christmas
  22. Bowl Of Oranges
  23. Clairaudients
  24. Classic Cars
  25. Cleanse Song
  26. Coat Check Dream Song
  27. Contrast And Compare
  28. Crazy As A Loon
  29. Dance And Sing
  30. Difference In Shades
  31. Do You Feel At Home
  32. Dont Know When But A Day Is Gonna Come
  33. Easy Lucky Free
  34. Entry Way Song
  35. Falling Out If Love At This Volume Intro
  36. Falling Out Of Love At This Volume
  37. False Advertising
  38. Firewall
  39. First Day Of My Life
  40. First Day Of My Life Intro
  41. Four Winds
  42. Four Winds Intro
  43. From A Balance Beam
  44. Going For The Gold
  45. Gold Mine Gutted
  46. Gold Mine Gutted Intro
  47. Haligh Haligh A Lie Haligh
  48. Haligh Haligh A Lie Haligh Intro
  49. Happy Birthday To Me Intro
  50. Hot Knives
  51. I Must Belong Somewhere
  52. I Wish I Had A Parachute
  53. I Wont Ever Be Happy Again
  54. It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends
  55. It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends
  56. June On The West Coast
  57. Ladder Song
  58. Land Locked Blues
  59. Landlocked Blues
  60. Laura Laurent
  61. Lila
  62. Loose Leaves
  63. Lover I Don't Have To Lover
  64. Lover I Don't Have To Lover
  65. Lover I Dont Have To Love
  66. Lua
  67. Make A Plan To Love Me
  68. Mariana Trench
  69. Method Acting
  70. Middleman
  71. Motion Sickness
  72. Napoleons Hat Chords
  73. Old Soul Song
  74. Padraic My Prince
  75. Padriac Prince
  76. Perfect Sonnet
  77. Poison Oak
  78. Reinvent The Wheel
  79. Road To Joy
  80. Road To Joy Intro
  81. Sharp Cutting Wings Song To A Poet
  82. Smoke Without Fire
  83. Something Vague
  84. Soul Singer In a Session Band
  85. Spent On Rainy Days
  86. Sunrise Sunset
  87. Tereza And Tomas
  88. The Calendar Hung Itself
  89. The Center Of The World
  90. Train Underwater
  91. Trees Get Wheeled Away
  92. True Blue
  93. We Are Nowhere And It Is Now
  94. You Will