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Conway Twitty

Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man

Conway Twitty

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F                    C
Hey Louisiana woman, Mississippi man
We get together every time we can

The Mississippi River can keep us apart
                             F           C
There's too much love in the Mississippi heart
                      F         C
Too much love in this Louisiana heart

See the alligators all a waitin' nearby
                    F              C
Soon or later they know I'm gonna try
When she waves from the bank don't you know I know
                          F             C
It's goodbye fishin' line see you while ago

With a Louisiana woman waitin'

On the other side

The Mississippi River
       F       C
Don't look so wide

Well I thought I'd been loved but I never had
                                    F           C
Till I was wrapped In the arms of a Mississippi man

When he holds me close it feels almost
                            F          C
Like another hurricane just ripped the coast

If he can't come to me I'm gonna go to him
                                F      C
That Mississippi River Lord I'm gonna swim

  (Hey Louisiana woman Mississippi man...)

Well Mississippi River Lord it's one mile wide
                          F     C
And I gotta get me to the other side

Mississippi man I'm losin' my mind
                       F         C
Gotta have your loving one more time

I'm gonna jump in the river and here go
                        F        C
Too bad alligatior you swim too slow

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