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David Fonseca

David Fonseca tem o estilo Pop e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Someone that can not love", "Hold Still", "When U Hit The Floor".

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  1. 4Th Chance
  2. A Cry 4 Love
  3. After All There Was Another
  4. Agora É a Nossa Vez
  5. All That I Wanted
  6. Armageddon
  7. At Your Door
  8. Broken (We'll Fade Into It All)
  9. Broken (We'll Fade Into It All)
  10. Cold Heart II
  11. Deixa a Tua Voz Depois do Tom
  12. Deixa Ser
  13. Do You Really Believe That Love Will Keep You From Getting Hurt?
  14. Dream In Colours
  15. É-me Igual
  16. Haunted Home
  17. Heartbroken
  18. Hoje Eu Não Sou
  19. Hold Still
  20. It Means I Love You
  21. It's Just a Dream
  22. It's Just a Dream
  23. Kiss Me, Oh Kiss Me
  24. My sunshine and my rain
  25. Oh Christmas Tree
  26. Playing Bowies With Me
  27. Só Uma Canção No Mundo
  28. So You Want To Save The World
  29. Someone that can not love
  30. Someone That Cannot Love
  31. Summer Will Bring You Over
  32. Superstar
  33. Superstars
  34. The 80's
  35. The 80's
  36. The Beating Of The Drums
  37. The First Day
  38. This One's So Different
  39. This Raging Light
  40. This Wind, Temptation
  41. U Know Who I Am
  42. U Make Me Believe
  43. Um Dia Maior
  44. What Life Is For
  45. What Life Is For (Acústico)
  46. When U Hit The Floor
  47. Who Are U?