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DMX tem o estilo Black Music e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Good Girls Bad Guys", "Slippin", "Aint No Sunshine".

198 acessos

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  1. Aint No Sunshine
  2. Damien 3
  3. Dont Gotta Go Home
  4. Fuckin Wit D
  5. Good Girls Bad Guys
  6. One More Road To Cross
  7. Rough Riders Anthem
  8. Rough Ryders Anthem
  9. Ruff Ryders Anthem
  10. Ruff Ryders Anthem Intro
  11. Slippin
  12. The Professional
  13. The Ruff Riders Theme
  14. Up In Here
  15. What These Bitches Want
  16. Whats My Name
  17. Whats My Name Intro
  18. Where The Hood At
  19. X Gonna Give It To Ya

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