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DragonForce tem o estilo Hard Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Avant La Tempete", "Black Winter Night", "Heart Of a Dragon".

859 acessos

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  1. Above The Winter Moonlight
  2. Above The Winter Moonlight Intro
  3. Above The Winter Moonlight Solo
  4. Avant La Tempete
  5. Black Fire
  6. Black Winter Night
  7. Body Breakdown Solo
  8. Cry For Eternity
  9. Cry For Eternity Solo
  10. Cry Of The Brave
  11. Cry Thunder
  12. Dawn Over a New World
  13. Die By The Sword
  14. Disciples Of Babylon
  15. Disciples Of Babylon Intro
  16. Evening Star
  17. Fields Of Despair - Full Tabs
  18. Fields Of Dispair
  19. Fury of the storm
  20. Fury Of The Storm Solo
  21. Heart Of a Dragon
  22. Heart Of The Dragon
  23. Heroes Of Our Time
  24. Holding On
  25. Inside Winter Storm
  26. My spirit will go on
  27. My Spirit Will Go On Intro
  28. My Spirit Will Go On Solo
  29. Once In A Lifetime
  30. Operation Ground And Pound
  31. Power Of The Ninja Sword
  32. Prepare For War Intro
  33. Revelations
  34. Revolution Deathsquad
  35. Revolution Deathsquad Intro
  36. Seasons Version Acoustic
  37. Snow Land
  38. Soldiers Of The Wasteland
  39. Soldiers Of The Wasteland Intro
  40. Soldiers Of The Wastelands
  41. Starfire
  42. Storming The Burning Feilds
  43. The Last Journey Home
  44. Through The Fire And Flames
  45. Trail Of Broken Hearts
  46. Trail Of Broken Hearts Intro
  47. Trail Of Broken Hearts Solo
  48. Valley Of The Damned
  49. Valley Of The Damned Intro
  50. Where Dragons Rule

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