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He Is Legend

He Is Legend tem o estilo Indefinido e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Greatest Actor Alive", "Eating A Book", "Dinner With A Gypsy Solo".

179 acessos

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  1. Air Raid
  2. Attack Of The Dungeon Witch
  3. China White Iii
  4. China White Intro
  5. Creature Walks
  6. Dinner With A Gypsy
  7. Dinner With A Gypsy Intro
  8. Dinner With A Gypsy Solo
  9. Dixie Wolf The Seduction Of
  10. Dont Touch That Dial
  11. Eating A Book
  12. Either They Decorated For Christmas Early Or Theyre All Dead
  13. Electronic Throat
  14. Electronic Throat Intro
  15. Greatest Actor Alive
  16. Hip-hop Anonymous
  17. I Am Hollywood
  18. Martini Intro
  19. Sand
  20. Seduction
  21. Seduction Solo
  22. Stampede
  23. Suck Out The Poison
  24. Suduction
  25. Walls Have Teeth