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Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Johnny Mahoe

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

13 acessos

(intro)  Am      Am      F       E7 (2x)
         Am      E7      Am

Listen to the story of Johnny Mahoe
F                        E7
Pride of the hometown, number one school boy
Never got in trouble, always kept his nose clean
            F                   E7
So when the news hit the town, nobody could believe
                  Am E7  Am
what happened to Johnny Mahoe

You see Johnny started hanging with the neighborhood thugs
F                        E7
Boys wearing colors, the ones dealing drugs
Initiaiton's over, Johnny's part of the gang
F                       E7
Fighting for his colors, playing with his bang bang
Am  E7  Am
Johnny Mahoe

C                         G
Why hang around with the wrong crowd
F                       E7
Why let them poison your mind
C                               G
It's okay, it's okay, turn and walk the other way
           F                    E7
You don't want to end up like Johnny Johnny
Am   E7   Am
Johnny Mahoe

One day there was a clash between the blue and the red
F                               E7
When the fighting was over, Johnny lay dead
A single rose stands alone upon Johny's grave
Think nothing would have happened
If Johnny Mahoe just turned and
Am         E7    Am
walked the other way
      Am        E7    Am
Just walked the other way

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