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Jason Reeves

Pretty Eyes

Jason Reeves

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(intro) E  A9

As we were driving
A						E
You turned your head around and looked right at me
A					E/G#
I couldn’t see the road and it was scary
A				F#m
How beautiful you are when you get crazy
	A		B
I have never felt so weak

Emaj7				A9
Maybe I would disappear without you
Emaj7				A9
Maybe I would fall into the sky
C#m			C	A9
I'm in heaven orbiting around you
And your pretty eyes
Your pretty eyes

We took the highway
It curves along the ocean on a Friday
Sun is falling down and you were shinning
The rhythm of the waves just keeping time as
You were saying this…

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At all the stars
Up in the sky
		F#m  B
They looked alive
	C#m  B
I wonder what’s on
The other side
	F#m  B
It’s full alive

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