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Job For A Cowboy

Job For A Cowboy tem o estilo Heavy Metal e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Not Their Song Rate", "Entombment Of A Machine Intro", "Entities".

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  1. Bearing The Serpants Lamb
  2. Bearing The Serpents Lamb
  3. Coalescing Prophesy
  4. Day In Black
  5. Dead Stale Endings
  6. Divine Falsehood
  7. Embedded
  8. Entities
  9. Entities Solo
  10. Entombment For A Machine
  11. Entombment Of a Machine
  12. Entombment Of A Machine Intro
  13. Entombment Of Machine
  14. Knee Deep
  15. Martyrdom Unsealed
  16. Not Their Song Rate
  17. Old Set
  18. Reduced To Mere Filth
  19. Relinquished
  20. Rising Tide
  21. Rising Tide Intro
  22. Suspended By The Throat
  23. The Rising Tide
  24. What We Once Called Home