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Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa tem o estilo Blues e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Miss You Hate You", "Palm Trees Helicopters And Gasoline", "I Dont Live Anywhere Live".

274 acessos

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  1. Bridge To Better Days
  2. Bridge To Better Days Intro
  3. Color And Shape
  4. Different Shades Of Blue
  5. Dont Burn Down That Bridge
  6. Drive
  7. Driving Towards The Daylight
  8. Faux Mantini
  9. Had To Cry Today
  10. High Water Everywhere
  11. I Dont Live Anywhere Live
  12. Lie 1
  13. Miss You Hate You
  14. New Day Yesterday
  15. Palm Trees Helicopters And Gasoline
  16. Steppin Outrice Pudding
  17. Takin The Hit
  18. Too Much Ain't Enough Love
  19. Too Much Ain't Enough Love
  20. Unbroken
  21. Waiting For Me
  22. Walk In My Shadows
  23. Woke Up Dreamin
  24. You Upset Me Baby
  25. You Upset Me Baby Intro

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