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Kris Kristofferson

One For The Money

Kris Kristofferson

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D                             G              D I've seen you standing there, stunned in the spotlight                               E7            A I've seen the sweat streak of paint on your face               D                        G         D 'Cause you're caught like a clown in a circle of strangers            A            G           D Who do you screw to get out of this place  Refrão:                    G                     D It's a one for the money, and too far to go                  A       G             D Three fingers of whiskey, just for the soul                  G                      D That lady you're pleasin' is hungry and cold                   A    G                    D Don't look in her eyes, you'll see what you sow   Too many bodies in too many bars Too many feelings of fallin' behind 'Cause you're easy to fool when you're lost in the stars Shoot out that spotlight before you go blind  (Refrão)                     A          G Take a look in her eyes, boy                  D   G  D And see what you sow

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