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M.Y.M.P. tem o estilo Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Kailan", "Eternal Flame Solo", "Especially For You Solo".

278 acessos

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  1. A Little Bit
  2. Angel Of Mine
  3. At Your Best
  4. Awit Ng Saya
  5. Baby Now That I Found You
  6. Baby Now That Ive Found You
  7. Beauty And Madness
  8. Closer I Get To You
  9. Constantly
  10. Constantly Solo
  11. Cool With You
  12. Could Be Wrong
  13. Dream Without You
  14. Emotion
  15. Especially For You
  16. Especially For You Solo
  17. Eternal Flame
  18. Eternal Flame Solo
  19. Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic
  20. First Believe
  21. Fixing A Broken Heart
  22. For All Of My Life
  23. Get Me Intro
  24. Get Me Solo
  25. I Think Im Falling
  26. I Think Im Falling Solo
  27. Kailan
  28. Love Moves
  29. Love Stood Still
  30. Magical Feeling
  31. Magical Feeling Intro
  32. Magical Feeling Solo
  33. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us
  34. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us
  35. Only Reminds Me Of You
  36. Sway
  37. Would You Be My Girlfriend

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