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Razorlight tem o estilo Indie e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Back To The Start", "America", "Golden Touch".

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  1. America
  2. America Intro
  3. Back To The Start
  4. Before I Fall To Pieces
  5. Before I Fall To Pieces Intro
  6. Dont Go Back To Dalston
  7. Fall Fall Fall Intro Intro
  8. Fall, Fall, Fall
  9. Girl With The Golden Touch
  10. Golden Touch
  11. Golden Touch Intro
  12. Heartbreak Soup
  13. Hold On Intro
  14. I Can Stop This Feeling Ive Got Intro
  15. I Cant Stop This Feeling Ive Got
  16. I Cant Stop This Feeling Ive Got Intro
  17. In The City
  18. In The Morning
  19. In The Morning Intro
  20. In The Morning Solo
  21. Keep The Right Profile
  22. Kirbys House Intro
  23. Kirbys House Solo
  24. Leave Me Alone
  25. Los Angeles Waltz
  26. Rip It Up
  27. Rock And Roll Lies Acoustic
  28. Rock N Roll Lies
  29. Rock N Roll Lies Acoustic
  30. Somewhere Else
  31. Somwhere Else
  32. Stumble And Fall
  33. Stumble And Fall Intro
  34. To The Sea
  35. Up All Night Solo
  36. Vice
  37. Which Way Is Out
  38. Who Needs Love?
  39. Wire To Wire

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