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Saosin tem o estilo Alternativo e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "I Can Tell Solo", "The Worst Of Me", "Ive Been Dying To Reach You".

440 acessos

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  1. 3rd Measurement In C
  2. 3rd Measurement In C Acoustic
  3. Bury Your Head
  4. Bury Your Head Acoustic
  5. Come Close
  6. Come Close Intro
  7. Finding Home
  8. Fireflies (Ligth Messengers)
  9. Follow And Feel
  10. I Can Tell
  11. I Can Tell Solo
  12. I Can Tell There Was An Accident Here Earlier
  13. I Have Become What I Always Hated
  14. I Never Wanted To
  15. I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song
  16. Its Far Better To Learn
  17. Its Far Better To Learn Intro
  18. Its So Simple
  19. Ive Been Dying To Reach You
  20. Let Go Control
  21. Let Go Control Intro
  22. Lost Symphonies
  23. Mookies Last Christmas
  24. Mookies Last Christmas Acoustic
  25. No Angel Intro
  26. Penelope
  27. Penelope Acoustic
  28. Play Pretty For Baby
  29. Plays Pretty For Baby
  30. Seven Years
  31. Seven Years Acoustic
  32. Show Me Yo Bootyhole
  33. Show Me Your Booty Hole
  34. Sleepers
  35. Sleepers Intro
  36. Some Sense Of Security
  37. The Worst Of Me
  38. They Perch On Their Stilts And Dare Me To Break Custom
  39. They Perch on Their Stilts Pointing and Daring me to Break Custom
  40. Third Measurement In C
  41. Time After Time
  42. Translating The Name
  43. Translating The Name Intro
  44. Uphill Battle
  45. Voices
  46. Voices Acoustic
  47. Voices Intro
  48. What Were We Made For
  49. Youre No Angel
  50. Youre Not Alone

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