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Slade tem o estilo Hard Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Cum'on Feel the Noize", "Guddby T Jane", "Mama we are crazy now".

313 acessos

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  1. (C'est La Vie) And Now The Waltz
  2. Bangin Man
  3. Can You Just Imagine
  4. Cos I Luv You
  5. Cum'on Feel the Noize
  6. Everyday
  7. Far far away
  8. Good Time Gals
  9. Guddby T Jane
  10. Hear Me Calling
  11. Heaven Knows
  12. How Does It Feel?
  13. I Dont Mind
  14. In For A Penny
  15. Kill Em At The Hot Club Tonight
  16. Know Who You Are
  17. Look What You Dun
  18. Mama we are crazy now
  19. Marry X-mas
  20. Merry Christmas
  21. Merry Christmas Everybody
  22. My Friend Stan
  23. My Oh My
  24. Run Run Away
  25. She Did It To Me
  26. Universe

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