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The O. C. Supertones

The O. C. Supertones

The O. C. Supertones tem o estilo Indefinido e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "I Love God", "Supertones Strike Back", "Who can be against me".

171 acessos

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  1. Caught Inside
  2. Heaven
  3. I Love God
  4. Jury Duty
  5. Like No One Else
  6. Little Man
  7. Little Man Intro
  8. Old Friend
  9. One Voice
  10. Perserverance Of The Saints
  11. Refuge (in Conclusion)
  12. Resolution
  13. Return Of The Revolution
  14. Sheperd Is The Lamb
  15. Shut Up and Play
  16. So Great A Salvation
  17. So Great A Salvation Solo
  18. Supertones Strike Back
  19. Tonight
  20. Unite
  21. Who can be against me

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