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Belle And Sebastian

Belle And Sebastian

Belle And Sebastian tem o estilo Indie e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Funny Little Frog", "Fuck this shit", "Asleep On A Sunbeam".

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  1. A Century Of Fakers
  2. A Summer Wasting
  3. Act Of The Apostle Ii
  4. Another Sunny Day
  5. Asleep On A Sunbeam
  6. Beautiful
  7. Belle And Sebastian
  8. Beyond The Sunrise
  9. Big John Shaft
  10. Black And White Unite
  11. Blues Are Still Blue
  12. Blues Are Still Blue Solo
  13. Calculating Bimbo
  14. Chalet Lines
  15. Dear Catastrophe Waitress
  16. Dog On Wheels
  17. Dress Up In You
  18. Ease your feet in the sea
  19. Electronic Renaissance
  20. Expectations
  21. Family Tree
  22. For The Price Of a Cup Of Tea
  23. Fuck this shit
  24. Funny Little Frog
  25. Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
  26. Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
  27. I Can See Your Future
  28. I could be dreaming
  29. I Didn't See It Coming
  30. I Don't Love Anyone
  31. I Don't Love Anyone
  32. I Fought In a War
  33. I Love My Car
  34. I Want To World To Stop
  35. Im A Cuckoo
  36. Im A Cuckoo Intro
  37. Im Waking Up To Us
  38. Is It Wicked Not To Care
  39. It Could Have Been a Brilliant Carrer
  40. Jonathan David
  41. Judy and the Dream of Horses
  42. Lazy Jane
  43. Like Dylan In The Movies
  44. Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John
  45. Loneliness Of a Middle Distance Runner
  46. Lord Anthony
  47. Losing It
  48. Marx and Engels
  49. Mary Jo
  50. Me And The Major
  51. My Wandering Days Are Over
  52. Nobody's Empire
  53. Nothing In The Silence
  54. Piazza, New York Catcher
  55. Put The Book Back On The Shelf
  56. Scooby Driver
  57. Seeing Other People
  58. Seymour Stein
  59. Simple Things
  60. Sleep the clock around
  61. Slow Graffiti
  62. Stars Of Track And Field Solo
  63. Stars Of Tracks And Field
  64. Stay Loose
  65. Stay Loose Solo
  66. Storytelling
  67. Suicide Girl
  68. Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It
  69. The Boy Done Wrong Again
  70. The boy with the arab strap
  71. The Gate
  72. The Ghost Of Rockschool
  73. The Model
  74. The Rollercoaster ride
  75. The State I Am In
  76. The Wrong Girl
  77. There Is An Everlasting Song
  78. There's Too Much Love
  79. There's Too Much Love
  80. To Be Myself Completely
  81. Waiting For The Moon To Rise
  82. Wandering Alone
  83. We Rule The School
  84. Winter Wooskie
  85. Write About Love
  86. You Dont Send Me

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