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Billy Idol

Billy Idol

Billy Idol tem o estilo Alternativo e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Eyes without a face", "Rebel Yell", "You Spin Me Right Round Intro".

1.168 acessos

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  1. Bitter Taste
  2. Blue Highway
  3. Catch my Fall
  4. Cradle Of Love
  5. Dancing With Myself
  6. Dont You Forget About Me Intro
  7. Eyes without a face
  8. Flesh for Fantasy
  9. Flesh For Fantasy Intro
  10. John Wayne Solo
  11. Mony Mony
  12. Mony Mony (Live)
  13. Mony Mony Intro
  14. Plastic Jesus
  15. Rat Race
  16. Rebel Yell
  17. Scream
  18. Shock to The System
  19. Speed
  20. Summer Running Intro
  21. Sweet Sixteen
  22. To Be a Lover
  23. White Wedding
  24. World Comin Down
  25. You Spin Me Right Round Intro

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