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DevilDriver tem o estilo Heavy Metal e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Pale Horse Apocalypse", "Clouds Over California", "Grinfucked".

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  1. Bear Witness
  2. Bear Witness Intro
  3. Bear Witness Onto
  4. Before The Handmans Noose
  5. Before The Hangmans Noose
  6. Clouds Over California
  7. Cry For Me Sky Eulogy For The Scorned
  8. Devils Son
  9. Die And Die Now
  10. Digging Up The Corpses
  11. Digging Up The Corpses Intro
  12. Driving Down The Darkness
  13. End Of The Line
  14. Fury Of Our Makers Hand
  15. Grinfucked
  16. Grinfucked Intro
  17. Guilty As Sin
  18. Head On To Heartache Let Them Rot
  19. Hold Back The Day
  20. I Could Care Less
  21. I Dreamed I Died
  22. I Dreamed I Died Intro
  23. Impending Disaster
  24. Just Run
  25. Meet The Wretched
  26. Not All Who Wander Are Lost
  27. Nothings Wrong
  28. Pale Horse Apocalypse
  29. Ripped Apart
  30. Swinging The Dead
  31. The Fury Of Our Makers Hand
  32. The Mountain
  33. When Summoned

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