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Are You Ready For The Fallout


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 	B	Abm
 	I was wonderin' how you're feelin, I tho	ught I
 	E	F#7
saw you kneelin, and holdin' y	our guts last night.
 	B	Abm
 	You looked like you were prayin', but	 I heard someone
 	E	F#7
 	sayin, you had been i	n an awful fight.
 	E	B	F#
 	You get the worst	 of it every tim	e,
 	E	B	F#
 	lashing ou	t with no reaso	n or rhyme.
 	Abm	Db	E
 	To lose all this r	age at so tender an age,    	 
little baby, growing up in a	 rat cage.
 	B	Abm
 	Are you ready for the fallou	t? Who ya gonna
 	E	F#7
 	call out? When does it finally 	comes to blows?
 	B	Abm
 	I think that you're for	gettin', the blood that
 	E	F#7	E
you've been lettin	' has a price on	 it no one knows.       	 
 	B	F#	E
You may be sufferin	' in your s	leep,     	 
 	B	F#	Abm
you may be gettin' 	in way too 	deep.     	 
 	Db	E
And you may not care for ad	vice that I share,            	 
but if you want it, then I'll be 	there.
 	E	B	F#
 	Soon, you will learn how to swallow a te	ar,           	 
 	E	B	F#
so	, when you are old, you can cry in your be	er.           	 
 	E	Eb	Abm	Db
Do you spit	 at the face s	tarin' back at	 the mirror,  	 
 	E	F#
do you hav	e any self-respect	?

 	G	A
So w	hat the hell did you expect?        	 
 	B	Abm	E	F#7
 	Are you ready for the fallout,	 who ya gonna call out? x4   	             	 

ending: A F#m D E A

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