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Copeland tem o estilo Emocore e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Testing The Strong Ones", "California", "No One Really Wins This Time Intro".

428 acessos

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  1. All That Jazz
  2. Brightest
  3. California
  4. Careful Now
  5. Chin Up
  6. Chiromancer
  7. Coffee
  8. Control Freak
  9. Disjointed
  10. Dont Slow Down Acoustic
  11. Eat,Sleep,Repeat
  12. Erase
  13. Good Morning Fire Eater
  14. Have I Always Loved You
  15. I Can Make You Feel Young Again
  16. I'm a Sucker For a Kind Word
  17. Im Safer On An Airplane
  18. Love Affair
  19. Love Is A Fast Song
  20. Love Is A Fast Song Intro
  21. May I Have This Dance
  22. No One Really Wins
  23. No One Really Wins This Game
  24. No One Really Wins This Time Intro
  25. No One Really Wins This Time Solo
  26. On The Safest Ledge
  27. Pin Your Wings
  28. Priceless
  29. Second Star Left To Go Unnoticed
  30. She Changes Your Mind
  31. Should You Return
  32. Take Care
  33. Take Care Intro
  34. Testing The Strong Ones
  35. Testing The Strong Ones Solo
  36. There Cannot Be A Close Second
  37. Walking Downtown
  38. When Finally Set Free
  39. When Paula Sparks
  40. You Are My Sunshine
  41. You Have My Attetion
  42. You Love To Sing Intro

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