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Steel Panther

If You Really Really Love Me

Steel Panther

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Parte 1: B5                        E5             B4 If you really really really really love me                                   B5 Then you really really really gotta show me                         E5               B4 Don't whine when I put it in your booty                                            B5 Or if I'm up all night playing 'Call of Duty'    B5          D5                      E5 Never hassle me because I'm unemployed                                B5 If I sleep all day don't get annoyed C#m7                                                 E5                      B4 Then I'll know that you really really really really really really really love me C#m7                     E5      (Risca o acorde) If you really really love me  Parte 2:  B5                        E5             B4 If you really truly want to make me feel nice                                 B5 Make it so I don't ever have to ask twice                     E5               B4 Let me have the keys to your Mercedes                                        B5 Don't get mad when I bring home some ladies  B5          D5                      E5 If I get fat and look like an egg                                  B5 Lie to me, tell me I'm in great shape C#m7 Then I'll know that you really really really   E5                    B4  (Risca o acorde) Really really really love me  Refrão 1:  Guitarra elétrica.No violão também fica bom:(acompanhe com a música): Eb|---------------------------------------------------------------------| Bb|---------------------------------------------------------------------| Gb|-------7-7-------7-7---------------------------4-4-4-4----4----------| Db|--5-5--7-7--5-5--7-7--7-7--2-2----7-7--2-2-----4-4-4-4-2--4----7--2--| Ab|--5-5--5-5--5-5--5-5--7-7--2-2----7-7--2-2-----2-2-2-2-2--2----7--2--| Eb|--3-3-------3-3-------5-5--0-0-3~-5-5--0-0-3~----------0-------5--0--|  If you wonder what I did with the rent Just consider it money well spent I bought trunks and a new surfboard So just go tell your dumb landlord That you love me You really really love me  Parte 3(mesma progressão parte 1 e 2):  B5                        E5             B4 If I have sex with your friend Melanie                                   B5 Don't act like it's some kind of felony              E5               B4 It's not uncommon for this kind of infidelity                                            B5 It happens to a lot of guys like Tiger Woods and me  B5          D5                      E5 Just be happy that I'm hung like a horse                              B5 And you get to ride the pony of course C#m7 'Cause I'm really really really really really really    E5                    B4 Really really fond of you too  Refrão 2(mesma progressão refrão 1):  When you think it's really suckie girl All your friends will say 'you lucky girl' You got a man who's hot you say All the girls wanna be with me 'Cause they love me They really really love me Yes they do  Solo:  Eb|--19b21r19--17--------------------------------------------------------------|--| Bb|----------------20--19--17------17------------------------------------------|--| Gb|----------------------------19------19------19------------------------------|--| Db|----------------------------------------17------17--16--14------14----------|--| Ab|------------------------------------------------------------17------16------|--| Eb|------------------------------------------------------------------------17--|--|  Eb|---------------------------------------------------------14--17--19b21t22--19b21t21--19*--|--| Bb|-------------------------------------------------14--17-----------------------------------|--| Gb|-----------------------------------------14--16-------------------------------------------|--| Db|---------------------------------14--16---------------------------------------------------|--| Ab|--15------14b15--14------14--16-----------------------------------------------------------|--| Eb|------17-------------17-------------------------------------------------------------------|--|   Parte 4 (Mesma progressão parte 1,2 e 3): B5                        E5             B4 If you really really really really love me                                      B5 You'd never make me hang out with your family               E5               B4 Your mum sucks and your dad really hates me                                     B5 When I try to borrow money he berates me  B5          D5                      E5 So Molly thinks that I'm too old for you                                       B5 'Cause you're nineteen and I'm fifty two C#m7                                      E5                      B4 He can't see that you really really really really really really love me C#m7                                    E5                      B4 You really really really really really really really really love me C#m7                     E5 If you really really love me

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