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Alesana tem o estilo Emocore e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Annabel", "As You Wish", "Sweetheart You Are Sadly Mistaken".

933 acessos

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  1. A Gilded Masquerade
  2. A Lunatics Lament
  3. A Most Profound Quiet
  4. A Sirens Soliloquy
  5. Alchemy Sounded Good At The Time
  6. All Night Dance Parties In The Undeground
  7. Ambrosia
  8. And They Call This Tragedy
  9. And They Call This Tragedy Intro
  10. Annabel
  11. Apology
  12. Apology Intro
  13. As You Wish
  14. Beautiful In Blue
  15. Beautiful In Blue Intro
  16. Beautifull In Blue
  17. Best Ex-friend
  18. Better Luck Next Time Prince Charming
  19. Circle Vii: Sins Of The Lion
  20. Congratulations, I Hate You
  21. Curse Of The Virgin Canvas
  22. Daggers Speak Louder Than Words
  23. Early Mourning
  24. Endings Without Stories
  25. Endings Without Stories Solo
  26. Goodbye Good Night For Good
  27. Goodbye Goodnight For Good
  28. Hand In Hand With The Damned
  29. Last Three Letters
  30. Lullaby Of The Crucified
  31. Neros Decay
  32. Not A Single Word About This
  33. Pathetic Ordinary
  34. Red And Dying Evening
  35. Seduction
  36. Sweetheart You Are Sadly Mistaken
  37. The Artist
  38. The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Marionettes
  39. The Fiend
  40. The Last Three Letters
  41. The Lover
  42. The Temptress
  43. The Uninvited Thirteenth
  44. Third Temptation Of Paris
  45. This Conversation Is Over
  46. This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream
  47. Tilting The Hourglass
  48. What Goes Around Comes Around

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